Ambience Carnival

Ambience to host ‘Ambience Carnival’One of its kind Terrace Food Festival & Live Music all served over One Roof!


● Live performances by renowned musical artists like

Guru Randhawa, FazilPuria, Tatava K, Nina Shah & Malika Haydon and many more.

● Mall will organize several entertainment activities in association with The Grub Fest  .
The three day Carnival will be starting from 24th February and will go on till 26th February 2017. 
 Apart from this, there will be live music performances by Resident DJ’s, clown and artist entertainment activities and flea market to keep the audience engaged and entertained. As part of the carnival, Ambience Mall will also organize a “Food Zone” where restaurants such as {Niche} Cafe 2.0 Cafe & Bar, Al Yousuf, Bunta Bar, CJ’s Fresh, DoggyStyle, Dunkin Donuts, Fluffles, Fork ‘N’ Spoon, Iqbal’s, Koyla Kebab, Oh So Stoned!, Waffle Factory, Twigly and many more would be displaying their signature delicacies and giving customers a chance to enjoy variety of scrumptious food under one roof.


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