Vapour Bar Exchange 

A complete Gastronomic experience without a hole in your pocket you will experience at Vapour Bar exchange! Just fell in love with the stock exchange of Drinks 🍹 where the price of the drinks change by real time demand and supply , a unique experience where you can download the app order from the table it set with updated bar menu !! It’s so fun seeing the rates going down and you order them instantly, a complete win-win stock exchange!!

Excellent staff and service , the place is very huge and very well made ! As you enter you see that New York stock exchange bull that makes you feel let’s invest in this market of Drinks 🍹! The prices are so attractive and reasonable, the the portion size is very good and when you see the presentation of the food you go wow !! The best place to through your parties 🎉 You cannot get a better deal than this ! Th Menu had so many options, we started our meal with palak patta chat and Dahi ke while I love the way the presented it with a froth over it , the crisp of the palak patta was excellent and Dahi ke shole were so crisp from outside and tender and juicy from inside ! The perfect combination!!

The we had Dahi bhalle for sure you cannot imagine Dahi bhalle presented in a platter with frost air all around it , It was complete a new experience seeing and having them

Then we had Pasta with a twist of Gobi loved it , had heard that traditional Italian use to cook this was of sundried cauliflower and the cooked  , very delicious 😋

Adding to our joy we Tried “Garlic Kheer ” yeas to read that right , kheer made of garlic !  Very balanced sweet and the garlic was not at all strong in fact the crisp of garlic every time was adding a a great flavour to the Kheer !!

The ultimate experience, A must try for all the foodie around

Dahi bhalla 

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Ghar Bistro Cafe

“Feel At home ” A very Unique and Amazing Cafe in Rajori Garden which makes you feel as comfortable as you at your home !! The cafe really relate to the Name “Ghar” they have a living room , A bed room ( with a upside down bed )  and bean bags , A Study room with all your favourite games like Ludo , tambola etc , A Ladies Room for all the gossips and chit-chat , A panchayat for all the decision making and An Amazing Balcony!! Place is unique in every way !!

As I go through the menu I was so amazed and laughed it was so fun to go through the menu !! Starters Described as Padosi ki rasoi se , European Cuisine as NRI Bhabhi ke maayeke se , Meethe Mei ” Mummy plz bus aaj ” !! Loved the way the described each thing !! We started our meal with Dahi ke kebab they were just perfect, Crispy corn mushroom pepper  just the way you love , crispy fish in oyster sauce great in taste . The dishes that stole my heart were Moong Dal ke kebab never had such delicious kebab ever so crisp from outside and juicy from inside, Murg Chandi tikka that juicy chicken with amazing flavours was simply divine !! And Lasooni tikka for which I am definitely coming back,  The flavour of Garlic was the perfect blend with the tikka .

In drinks we ordered Red Carpet Mocktail and Hazel but cheesecake shakes told you everything is unique !  In the meantime the owner came around to ask about our experience and after talking to him for a while felt as if it my own friends place . He made us so comfortable and that personally being there and taking care of all the things is fabulous. We took a pizza half and half Malai tikka pizza and baby corn pizza !! Two flavours in one with great taste.

In the mains from Dadi ke lad pyaar se Menu , we took bhuna gosh excellent tenderness and great taste , Mushroom Hara pyaaz delicious I would say and Paanch Taara Dal !!

Amazing experience in Ghar make you feel so comfortable and cosy and you just feel like your own place. And feel like coming again and again! There are very less places you wish to repeat !! I m sure I am going to be frequent here ! Excellent service excellent staff !! A must try with your friends, you gonna love it !


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United Coffee House Rewind  , Mall of India 

United Coffee House (UCH) our favourite is Cp , has now spread its wings to the NCR region and is flying high , retro avatar in Noida’s DLF Mall of India. Rewind has kept the UCH nostalgia alive , The walls are decorated with vintage photographs of the bygone era, and they do serve some of their signature dishes with the English and Hindi 60’s classics playing in the background as you step into with friends or family for some of the best experience and great time  . We went for a dinner rushing up just before our movie , We started our meal with ChinJabi platter serving spring rolls , honey chilli potato, bharwa Khumb ,paneer tikka & chilly panner all in , Large sharing plates when they say so they mean it completely, very large portion size along with that we ordered Sangria as the bar is open now and one Drink from the Ulta Seedha menu , made of Jamun . The platter was so filling and the drinks were excellent . In the mains we ordered Mongolian veg which was served with steam rice and Pasta . Delicious food and excellent service , No doubt this restro is a winner of times food award for the best multi  cuisine food  , it surely deserved it . I tried Chinese , Mongolian and Italian in the dinner and were great . Added in my favourite list of restaurant, I am definitely coming back here again and again and for sure the next time with family

When are you planning ??

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Imagine you need to make a special dish for your loved one today , priorly you will go to the super market to fetch out things and for sure you won’t get all the stuff at one place then you will go to the other one , and quite possible you forget few of the ingredients or you might not get few of them , Before you drop the plan of cooking let me tell you a Smarter way , ChefsWay Amazing website that will send all the ingredients you need for cooking in the right quantity , so no wastage of money and food and at the reasonable price just at your doorstep .

I Choose Sesame Soba Noodles with Sriracha sauce , as I got the delivery everything was there in the box 📦, even the chopped vegetables. 

I was so relieved, My half work was already done , no going here and there for all the ingredients or the searching for recipe I was all there in that magical box

I quickly started cooking, thought as if my inner chef got alive , I boiled the Noodle as It was there in the recipe

As the noodles got boiled , I drained the excess water and added the soya sauce and oil , salt, pepper and kept in aside 

Then I toasted the other vegetables with ginger – garlic paste which was already in the box

Then mixed the vegetables with the noodles 🍝 with the Lemon  and there we go I was all done 

As I tasted it was fabulous, just can’t believe that I made it In that short period of time 

I think I can cook daily something different and amazing with the help of ChefsWay

Amazing and you Smart way to cook

Visit the Website

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Dao’s menu offers a selection of delectable soups, a very wide range of salads, appetizers, and main courses with options of curries, seafood and meats along with stir-fry menu to accompaniments of noodles and rice and finally desserts and beverage options. We started our meal with Tom-Yam soup , The quintessential Thai aroma! A bold, refreshing blend of fragrant lemongrass, chilli, galangal, lime leaves, shallots, lime juice and this classic soup, giving it its legendary herbal kick. Succulent fresh straw mushrooms . Along with Som Tum (Spicy Green Papaya Salad)  Garlic, chilies, Peanuts, cherry tomatoes and shredded raw papaya get dramatically pulverized in a pestle and mortar, so releasing a rounded sweet-sour-spicy flavour that’s not easily forgotten along with Dimsums Fall in love with the food in a new bright and fresh way . In Mains we ordered Green Curry , Tender bamboo shoots. Sprigs of Coriander. Generous handfuls of sweet basil. These humble elements form the body of this seminal curry. Served alongside a bowl of fragrant Thai rice , and Sushi  each piece of sushi begs you to go back for more ,  we ended our meal with Coconut Ice cream tastes of Bangkok right in the comfort of your city Delhi



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