Imagine you need to make a special dish for your loved one today , priorly you will go to the super market to fetch out things and for sure you won’t get all the stuff at one place then you will go to the other one , and quite possible you forget few of the ingredients or you might not get few of them , Before you drop the plan of cooking let me tell you a Smarter way , ChefsWay Amazing website that will send all the ingredients you need for cooking in the right quantity , so no wastage of money and food and at the reasonable price just at your doorstep .

I Choose Sesame Soba Noodles with Sriracha sauce , as I got the delivery everything was there in the box 📦, even the chopped vegetables. 

I was so relieved, My half work was already done , no going here and there for all the ingredients or the searching for recipe I was all there in that magical box

I quickly started cooking, thought as if my inner chef got alive , I boiled the Noodle as It was there in the recipe

As the noodles got boiled , I drained the excess water and added the soya sauce and oil , salt, pepper and kept in aside 

Then I toasted the other vegetables with ginger – garlic paste which was already in the box

Then mixed the vegetables with the noodles 🍝 with the Lemon  and there we go I was all done 

As I tasted it was fabulous, just can’t believe that I made it In that short period of time 

I think I can cook daily something different and amazing with the help of ChefsWay

Amazing and you Smart way to cook

Visit the Website

ChefsWay Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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