Heritage Haveli Dharampura | Chandni Chowk | Delhi


A fortified palace whose history stretches over 200 years in this town is fast turning into a popular destination for foreigners eager to see the rich splendour of a bygone Mughal  era.Haveli Dharampura is inspired by tradition and is one of Delhi’s most extravagant and beautiful Heritage property converted into a 5 star boutique hotel that combines modern conveniences within a historic and romantic setting. . This is added new to the travel itinerary created for travellers looking to explore India like a True Maharaja . Everything reflects the best in traditional Indian design, from the brasswork or the majestic front entrance doors to the glittering thekri mirrored mosaics, which reflect the light from the crystal chandeliers. While the interiors are a showcase for refined sensibility and comfort, it is the exterior that truly puts the Haveli in a class of its own.

Guests receive royal receptions from their hosts , Evenings will involve delicious cooked meals at Lakhori they have fixed menu where they serve 5 course meal starting from Welcome Drink kanji very refreshing , then Chat and Appetizers Haveli dahipuri from Delhi 6 way , dahi ki arancini or dahi ke kebab the best one’s in Delhi , Palat patta chaat very crisp and flavourful . Soups Tamatar Dhaniya Shorba and Green salad  along with  entertainment such as live music in weekdays and kathak dance performances in weekends.

In the mains they serve Panner Cannelloni , Aloo Katiyan achari , Kinari bazar kofta dogala , there special Dal along with Kathal ki biryani very rare to find in Delhi with such rich flavours and taste , boorani raita and assorted breads . They serve the food with such grace that you will relish each and every bite . Mr Pradeep is the head Chef he truly has magic in his hands . In the Desserts they serve Aloo paan ka zarda served with beetroot kheer this desserts is a true discerning palate . Such great service with  scrumptious food  is a complete a gourmet experience . A special thanks to Mr. Amit for his assistance . It’s heaven to dine and gaze at the midnight blue sky full of stars from Delhi-6 in its own way. A must visit place in Delhi for a complete experience of Delhi-6  , They can arrange Guided tours of Old and New Delhi take guests through the colourful bazaars and narrow streets as only a local can .

A lot much to tell about this place but let us keep that a secret so that when you visit you can reveal That .

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Mr. Amit , a special thanks for your assistance

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the magic man Mr. Pradeep the Head Chef .

Lakhori - Haveli Dharampura Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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