Farzi cafe , New Delhi

Farzi Cafe is a complete new definition of dining, splendid and ingenious in its food combinations. The artisanal and locavore (local food) movement is a rage all over the world over and that is the main motive of the chefs . A unique take on how to use the most famous/recognizable flavors and ingredients of the Indian cuisine to highlight Western food, and thus bringing it to the next level.

We were welcomed with a delicious Mishti doi  shots called the amuse-bouche as an appetizer . Experimented with the cooking sodium , which uses science to change the taste and texture of food as you take the shot its pops in your mouth with a splash of flavours no doubt Farzi has made an undeniable mark. We started our meal with the all famous Dal Chawal Arancini, the Perfect crisp from outside served with chutney over with a crisp papad , along with the perfect blend of dal chawal presented in an Italian way .

Complimenting the previous flavours, we also had Karela Calamari with Sweet and Sour Mango Chutney. It had a perfect blend of sweet and sour and reminded us of the endlessly reinvented food is what we had come for. The innovative menu that made Farzi famous which is unparalleled with a menu dedicated to all local Indian food with a twist. Then we had Pyaaz ki kachori the perfect size portion served with mixing flavours and merging culinary classics and traditions — occasionally with the help of molecular gastronomy. They serve the food with such grace that you will relish each and every bite.

Along with the food we were suggested to have Blue blazer i would call it the Flaming Drink because it involves rolling flaming whiskey from one mug to another. A complete new experience for my eyes and taste buds , the perfect blend of flavours and whiskey . Such great service with scrumptious food and drinks is a complete a gourmet experience.

My eyes were since the starting on the Desserts , so we ordered Texture of Indian desserts  the presentation was very inviting ,  with the star dish Orange kalakand with the base of basan ladoo crumble in the center broke with liquid nitrogen along in vibrant colours of charming garjar ka halwa , baked yoghurt  and blueberry mava topped with custard apple rabri and pistachio completely luscious .

A total unique and unbelievable gourmet experience with modern presentations and cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy . Dishes that are stunning to look at and do justice to your palate, and an ambience that refreshes you , a perfect dining experience to have with your family , the most recommended  FARZI CAFE .

Farzi Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

A special thanks to Chef Rajinder and Gayatri .


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