Made In Punjab

Made In Punjab (MIP) in Mall of India is a place that simply lifts your spirit with its classy interiors and foot tapping bhangra pop. MIP is a perfect blend of the modern and the rustic.

The Menu is really interesting , It has names and descriptions that leave you smiling and imagining . For instance, the side dishes are called ‘Side please” and then there are dishes called ‘Mr. Bhalla met papdi chaat’, ‘Singh salad’, ‘gadbergers’ they bring in a balance between traditional Indian food and progressive cuisine .

We started our meal with Dahi Pataka as the name says it’s realy a pataka the best Dahi kebab in town for sure , that taste the presentation is spectacular !! As you try to eat the Dressing of saffron sauce and mint chutney and  Dahi inside gives a tri color effect and that looks amazing and the taste is fabulous , the dahi inside is full of flavours and the outer shell is very crispy but not at all oily , along with that we had brockley badam cheese tandoori brockley with badam with such rich flavours and a perfect texture which melts in your mouth , along with that jau mushroom and Paneer barrel tikka Every dish is served differently and a lot of effort has gone into its presentation. .

In the Mains we had Paneer Khat Pat , Maa ki dal , Lashsuni palak cheena along with Guchi Pulao this is one dish i for which i will be coming again and again with my guest such great taste of each and every dish Each dish looks like a work of art and it breaks your heart to dig into it with forks and knives mercilessly. But, ultimately your carnal desire takes over and the plate is wiped clean in minutes .

In Desserts we had Date Rasmalai and Nukkad jalebi authentic dishes and they have added some rich texture to it to make it richer and creamier . It was my privilege to meet Mr Mahabir the head chef of all the Made in Punjab around the globe and a major part of Massiv restro from last 25 years , hats off to you sir . And special thanks to Mr. Robin  and Mr. Anil for their assistance .

FullSizeRender 73FullSizeRender 72

A must visit and recommended for all your family dinners without a hole in your pocket , for a perfect dinning experience Made in Punjab

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