Hotel The Royal Plaza Janpath

New Delhi has a long lineage of Chinese restaurants showcasing the culinary traditions of nearly every province in China, as well as the fusion fare created by immigrants in the India . Whether you’re looking to sample fiery Szechuan fare or experience a classic weekend dim sum brunch, the city has got you all .
Jasmine it describes itself as a ‘modern oriental kitchen, serving dim sum, and modern Chinese dishes. The bulbous dumplings are delightful — perfectly seasoned, the skin stretched thin, the chicken and seafood core plump and firm. The crisp of the salads are consistently airy and well-executed, and the tom yum soup is balanced, and hearty. Bring a group so you can try as many unique offerings as possible. The Mains tastes almost identical to actual meat, and you can even get it stuffed inside a fried eggplant tasted great along the fried rice . In the desserts we had It’s not only 100% vegetarian and dairy free, but it is lighter and healthier than regular ice-cream. This magical Thai Coconut Ice cream is a fine balance of coconut and cream, without either of them overpowering, yet the subtle taste of coconut coming through. The desiccated coconut adds some texture to the creaminess and works brilliantly. The ice cream is not really sweet, so a generous drizzle of caramel sauce does no harm to the outcome. It lifts the flavours a tad more, and anyway put warm caramel on anything and you can’t go wrong!

Jasmine - Hotel The Royal Plaza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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