Zizo , Mall of India

All right, you guys, you all love hummus, right? Hummus—you know, the most delicious chickpea-based food ever? You can eat this LIFE-CHANGING spread on its own, smear it on veggies and crackers, use it on sammies in place of mayo, this just got too real when i had it in Zizo, a casual fast food restaurant which recently opened in Mall of India ,

I started on a healthy note with a bowl of fattoush, the famed salad, which was made to perfection.If I were on a desert island and could only eat one food, this would be it. Fattoush means “bread salad.” This tangy lemony salad is tossed with crunchy pita chips and the Arabic spices sumac and za’atar. Damn, y’all. What subtle flavours! Imported pomegranate molasses right from Beirut made the salad stand out from the rest available in the city. Even the hummus was done exactly the way it is in Lebanon

Most Middle Eastern restaurants offer a vegetarian hot mezze platter that has all the best stuff mini bites of everything such a delight . I mean, come on, look at this

Falafel, a dish which most people are familiar with as it’s available in most of the mezze offerings in mid eastern restaurants, had a nice crunch. If you haven’t had falafel, you haven’t lived. Falafel is a ball or patty made up of spices and chickpeas—and usually wrapped up with tahini or hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickled vegetables, in pita bread.  The freshly baked pita was stuffed with fresh mint and pickled veggies, which gave the roll a nice mix of flavours here at Zizo  The perfection of their pita also made their manoushe with zaatar on top stand out.

. Apart from that we had pasta with goat cheese simply delicious a must visit , and the best part is they are offering falafel in lunch just for 99₹ that a great deal ! Rush to Zizo


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