Explore the World of flavor with Thai salads at Dao

Awaken your taste buds to a world of flavor with a Thai salad at Dao These salads are exotic and bursting with flavor and texture. Find everything from tossed greens to chicken and noodle salad. All are either fat-free or low in fat, plus you will find gluten-free noodle salads, all naturally healthy and low in calories – perfect for swimsuit season!

This fresh & lively summer salad features grapefruit fresh summer vegetables and herbs. This is one of the most famous of all Thai salads, and a favorite among the Thai people in Thailand they use pomelo, a citrus fruit nearly the same in taste as pink grapefruit . This salad makes a terrific lunch or dinners side salad, or even a beautiful starter to any Thai or Asian-style meal. You’ll find it very refreshing on a warm summer day, and so will you at Dao

If you’re tired of the same boring salads, try my Fresh Papaya Salad  and Garden Greens. A complete meal in itself, this salad also works as an appetizer or side dish. Poured over the salad is a unique Thai dressing that is so good, you won’t even notice it’s low-fat. You’ll definitely want some extra , Scrumptious!!

go joins with Daohands in making this world a healthier place with its variety of Thai Salads offerings in the ongoing ‘Salad Boat’ festival from 15th June-16th July.

The special highlights of the festival are :-

  • Raw Mango Salad
  • Yam Tua Kaek – French bean salad with dry coconut and thai chilli dressing
  • Laab Kai – crumbled chicken tossed with roasted crushed rice, thai spices and lime juice
  • Yam Woon Sen –glass noodle salad in a spicy tangy dressing with your choice of Vegetables | Chicken | Seafood
  • Som Tom –raw papaya salad with green beans, cherry tomatoes, and crushed peanuts in a fiery thai sauce
  • Yam Phak Ruam Mit Krob – exotic crispy vegetable salad tossed in a hot, sweet & sour dressing

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