8 more reasons to love Rain with Chaayos

 Chai. It’s the one word which keeps almost the entire nation up and about throughout the rainy season! The cute, small cups of this magical beverage always spread happiness around, and more so during the rains. This Monsoon Chaayos has now introduce 8 new dishes in its menu.

These dishes includes Shahi Chai, Baarish Wale Pakore, Loaded open Paratha, Bun samosa, Kadhai chicken sandwich, Kulhad Masala Chicken Kulcha along with Kulhad wali Jalebi. The café is giving Indians exactly what they fantasize: the perfect cup of chai in this rainy weather. FullSizeRender 16

Sitting at their comfortably placed sofas and high chairs, one can sit in a corner reading a book and relish on fresh crispy Pakodas, an assorted platter with Panner, Onion and Mirchi and compliment them with their Shahi chai. Yeah, there’s no limit to the amount of snacks you can have with this lovely beverage. But the chai-pakora combo is everyone favourite in the rainy season. 

After all the earthy chai is always more appealing to the Indian palette than its more glamorous cousin coffee. Despite its mass popularity tea down the ages tea remained in the shadows of coffee. But now that trend is reversing. Leading coffee cafes, both Indian and multinational, were quick to note it and now offer tea options in their menu. That is not all. In all the metros tea cafes are coming up fast offering a great variety of tea like masala, jasmine, Darjeeling and Japanese.

FullSizeRender 7

I sit working on my blog and munch over Hot Samosa in bun with Modinagar Shikanji . Hot Samosa in bun is a complete treat ,  spicy samosa with tangy chutney on buns give a great combination with  Shikanji .FullSizeRender 13

Yes you got it right the all famous Modinagar shikanji you can now enjoy in every outlet of Chaayos along with Kulad wali Jalebi.  It’s perfect for lazy evenings with your friends and some gup-shup, Chaayos is the best option.

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