Vapours, You have a reason to make plans for an evening to taste different varieties of brews !

Thanks to vapour and it fresh breweries, now you have a reason to actually go pub hopping to try different brews. You have a reason to make plans for an evening to taste different varieties of brews, and be assured that you will actually get to appreciate and experience something new and fresh, major factors like pricing and favourite menus are always there, saves a lot to your pocket , the one thing that makes you want to go for the breweries over the regular pubs is the ambience that these places offer . I usually get a sampler set and unapologetically boast about my knowledge of beer by identifying them by their colour. Next is getting the aroma by swirling before smelling it. By this time, most gulp down the small beer shot glasses and this is when I remind them that it’s to be taken in small sips. After that they ask me to order for them as well.

Just fell in love with the stock exchange of Drinks 🍹 where the price of the drinks change by real time demand and supply , a unique experience where you can download the app order from the table it set with updated bar menu !! It’s so fun seeing the rates going down and you order them instantly, a complete win-win stock exchange!!

Vapour now has four outlets in Gurgaon – the original Vapour Pub & Brewery, the Vapour Grill, and most recently the two Vapour Bar Exchanges, which are what we recommend, both for the beer and for the insanely low prices.  try the hefeweizen and the stout. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might also want to try the recently launched new options too


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fun night out at Masabaa

Good music and delicious food will indeed give you a different kind of high! The seating is especially popular among friends group who are looking to escape the stress of city and this experience is added to by the amazingly helpful and friendly staff.

Masabaa has a well stocked bar that will offer you a wholesome experience .It a place that is meant for conversations, be it with your partner or with a small group of friends. The restaurant also offers great music in a laid back ambience. If you are a music lover of any sort, be here.  Where you can enjoy great good with amazing music .

We started with Dimsums delicious was the word , and then the assorted platter in which Dahi ke kebab became my fav. yummy melt in the mouth … the bar has some great option great drinks to opt from . In mains we had all time fav Dal makhani and Paneer butter masala was perfect  .

The quantity of food that is served is also quite generous and they will even entertain your request for music.

Food options
North Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian

Average Cost

â‚ą2,300 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Exclusive of applicable taxes and charges, if any
â‚ą265  for a pint of beer (approx.)
Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours

· Open now

Today  12 Noon to 1 AM
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Building 37, Club Road, West Punjabi Bagh, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

More Info


Full Bar Available




Valet Parking Available



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Healthy Diwali with Breads and more 

Breads and More offer some mouthwatering varieties of  cakes, cookies, cupcakes for different occasions.

Having some trendy offerings in tarts, pies, cup cakes and more, this is one place where you can have a good fill for your sweet needs. Fresh fillings and layers give their preparations that extra feel which make you fall in love with them with the hot cup of coffee , The interiors are so relaxing that you enjoy every bit of it .

At a time when most people are turning to a healthier lifestyle and away from sweets Breads and More offers cookie gift boxes or tea cakes are increasingly becoming a popular gift choice. But while that makes the choice of the kind of hamper a little simpler, it also gets difficult to pick from the various options available. So why not choose the best from Breads and more , Make this Diwali sweet and healthy

Pick from a delightful assortment of sweets, cakes, chocolates, cookies and other sweet treats to create a personalised sinful hamper for your loved ones.img_9596

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Not just food , entire work of Art ; Masala Library

The work of an Artist where the food is entire work of Art . Masala Liberary a soulful delight. As you enter Masala Library, the first word that comes to your mind is ‘grandeur’.img_9323

The high ceiling and double-storey glass facade give it a sense of space and  the staff makes you feel like you are royals or party of some monarchy  .The chandelier is nothing less than a work of art. The bar itself has a ceiling-high display that boasts of perhaps the most extensive wine list in Stand alone restro chain . The tables however, stand out in their simplicity.

Save for the tall wine glasses and plain white napkins, they are completely bare, thus achieving the balance we spoke about. Masala Library’s tasting menu has as many as 19 courses, but they are presented almost like a well orchestrated symphony, never giving you a moment to wonder when the next course will arrive.

The courses are split into four sections – snacks, appetisers, mains and desserts.The concept of tapas and small plates is popular as diners get to experience restaurant specialities, and chefs get the creative liberty to pair unique flavours and play around with presentation and plating..img_9329

We waited while the chef explained that the whole menu was a gastronomic journey across India. Classic dishes from different parts of the country had been given a molecular-gastronomic twist.We start with the amuse bouche, and it’s like looking at the world for the first time through your corrective glasses, albeit with respect to your tastebuds.img_9324

We start with the There are some dishes on the menu that stand out and some that are overshadowed. The Mango Sphere (served in a ceramic egg shell) is thankfully the only ‘drama element’ (besides an intriguing levitating act at the end), considering how restaurants have taken to spherification these days. and then.Madhur Vada and Andhra Rasam. Inspired by the vada preparation at Madhur, a town in Karnataka, the tiny vada with a hint of tomato chutney gives you the drive to south India , The rasam, served in a tube, is spicy and probably the best we’ve had .img_9326

The Deconstructed Samosa is delicious and crisp. Served as a sliver (baked, not fried), if you close your eyes, it will the exact same as the taste of your childhood favourite samosa , but your Eyes will not believe to be true .The Charcoal Bhajjia comes smoked and almost burnt. And taste different and delicious 

The flavours however, are ingenious, beating every dish ever tasted .stand-out dishes–the mushroom chai, which looked like black tea, but was the smoothest, earthiest consomme ever .img_9327img_9328

The mains were excellent fragmented pakodi dal took my entire attention . Had I have a sweet tooth I always keep place for desserts the dark chocolate, and the jalebi caviar, desserts that seemed familiar, and yet screamed of something new , The incredible feast you have here indulging your every sense , just makes you say “Wow’’img_9331and the magic dish on rotations plates in air with a chocolate delight definitely takes attention of everyone sitting in the room .

Hat’s off to the entire team for making a meal the best meal ever had . No two dishes were presented the same way, on the same kind of plates. From bamboo shoot baskets, to test-tube-like rasam holders; from broken ash-coloured terracotta plates, to classic round plates; from stone bowls to a sea-shell, the plates kept amazing us as we enjoyed every bite of the food at the Masala Library.img_9333

Ps. A special thanks to Mr. Karanveer and Akshay For there assistance, and making our evening wonderful

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Are you a foodie who drools over fine-dining dishes ?  For exotic gastronomic delights  and luxurious experience PCO is a place to be , Award winner for the best cocktails in town from last frequent years , and running successfully The PCO , Pass Code only !

By virtue of having the best mixologists in the city, this underground bar offers the most clever cocktails in town ranging from a mean 19th and classic Old Fashioned  to their bespoke Mood Cocktail.  Made on a American concept where there is no advertisement only a Pass code to exclusive people to visit for a great time !

So if you wish to enter you should  have the secret code or you will be assisted with the same , with two levels one For all the party lovers and the other for your lovely evening for some drinks and delicious food .

We went on a special occasion to celebrate and have a dine experience. We were assisted by Chef Bhagirath Ujjainwal such an honour to be with , he loved making people eat with full of love and satisfaction, never seen a Chef like him . He gives his 100% to the food and restaurant thank you sir for our great evening.

We started our meal with Jalapeño potato & cheese poppers filled with melted cheese with a tangy flavour just the perfect one to start with along with Southern fried stuffed Mushrooms with flavours of jalapeño and oregano with cheese very different and from the mUst recommended…totally yumm !!

In the Mains we had spaghetti indocine. As per the name spaghetti got a whole new version from flavours of Thai indulge in Italian Spaghetti gives you a all different experience!  The spaghetti flavours and intact adding the flavours of Thai gives us all of a different experience the aroma of lemon grass and basil 🌿 splashed  as you take the take the first bite , along with that we had spinach Ricotta Revioli Super rich and fine source ever had was here at PCO that rich creamy flavours were unmatched to any other in the town .

As always being a sweet tooth person have to keep space for desserts , So all time favourite Banafee pie was there we finish to the last bite ultimate satisfaction, and my friend ordered Melting  chocolate cake with fruit Salsa , watching the dish was the utmost delight just as you cut the cake chocolate filling comes as a splash covering all over and having with the vanilla ice cream and fruit salsa with the mint twist was fabulous. For This dish you will always have space in your tummy . So for a fabulous times and a delightful pleasure PCO is the best place to be , and Thanks again to Chef Bhagirath for making the time  into memories

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Midnight snacks: A guide to late-night eats !! Junglee Cafe

An appealing stop post work or play, the popular Junglee cafe offers its extensive menu until closing time so if you have a late-night craving for Mushroom tikka or risotto . This is a place to be . It’s after midnight. Maybe you worked late, went to a concert or just got a late-night craving for a Dimsums or a malai chaap. Finding a place serving food after 10:30 p.m. isn’t easy. Big-city transplants will joke that the sidewalks roll up here at 5 p.m., and that seems true in many spots. The menu at the cafe includes chicken tenders, salads, tandoori starters and chinese too . With great music to lift up your spirits on the weekend , on the IPL Live screening for all the month this is the perfect place to chill . Now a days the weather is a cherry on the cake , so i found this a perfect cafe to take a beer and sit for hours . The food is incredibly good , Loved the way they serve quick and yummy food at late nights without burning your pocket . along with the food i took junglee spl amazing and  a must be recommended . So all the Midnight hunter this is the place to be .

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5 Quick Bites That Can Be Made in Just 15 Minutes

 Broccoli with Almonds

Hungry but don’t want to ruin your diet plans? Toss some fresh broccoli florets with garlic, almonds and some butter for flavour.


Raw Papaya Salad

Here’s a tangy and delicious salad to whip up on a busy weeknight. You just need a handful of simple ingredients. Row Papaya , jaggery , Peanuts , black Pepper and some mint leaves for the touch

Namkeen Saboodana

Navratra Fav. Rustle up this namkeen saboodana for a light evening snack or even a light lunch. Add a bunch of curry leaves and tangy amchoor to lift up the flavours.

Fresh Fruit Dessert

A very simple dessert to impress everyone. Just bring in all the delicious seasonal fruits with yogurt and a drop of honey. Healthy yet sinful.

 Quick Quesadilla

Hungry at midnight and have leftover rotis? Just stuff them with your favourite fillings and cook on the tawa to make a desi and easy version of your favourite Mexican quesadillas.


Tiramisu – The ‘Quickest’ cake Recipe



How to Make Tiramisu

  • To the strong black coffee add the brandy and stir.
  • Quickly dip the sponge fingers in the coffee-brandy liqueur. Make sure the fingers soak just enough of the liqueur, but don’t crumble.
  • Arrange a layer of sponge fingers in a shallow dish and cover them with a layer of Ice Cream / Cream
  • Create several layers of sponge fingers, followed by Ice cream. The top layer will be of Ice cream / Cream
  • Chill the tiramisu in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours, dust with cocoa powder and serve.









Ingredients Of Tiramisu

  • 250 gm Vanilla Ice Cream  Or whipped cream with vanilla essence
  • 175 ml strong black coffee (make the coffee with 175 ml water with 2 tbsp of coffee)
  • 3 Tbsp brandy(cognac) (optional) or rum essence
  • 150 gm sponge fingers (sponge cake cut into fingers) Any Chocolate Sponge cake
  • A few drops of vanilla essence (optional)
  • Cocoa powder for dusting

5 scientifically proven ways to slim down your stomach

  • Be more active Our increasingly slothful lifestyles are partly to blame for skyrocketing obesity rates, so it’s no surprise that being more active is a simple fix for belly fat. In 2003, a first-of-its-kind study from Duke University showed that sedentary adults accumulated abdominal fat surprisingly quickly — and that sedentary women stacked on fat more visceral fat than sedentary men, even though they added less fat overall


  • Eat less high-GI carbohydrates . Carbohydrates are a touchy subject: while some blame them for all fat gain, it’s the type of carbs you eat that’s key. A 2011 study out of the University of Delhi found that a diet that slightly cut back on carbs, and which comprised mostly low-GI carbohydrates, lost more deep abdominal fat than those who ate a lower-fat diet. GI stands for glycemic index, a measure of how fast carbohydrates supply your body with energy: high-GI foods make you spike then crash, while low-GI foods provide a slow burn.

Best homemade Drinks

When pairing wine with Indian cuisine, listen to the experts: Everyone from the editors at Food & Wine to the sommeliers at Wine Folly recommends that you counterbalance the spiciness of the food with slightly sweet wine that’s served cold. RosĂ©s go exceptionally well with vindaloos, and the acidity of Reislings perfectly set off the flavors of curries. Just stay away from anything oaky. Many spices that are essential components of Indian food, it turns out, contain tannins. Cloves, tarragon, cumin, and cinnamon all contain the astringent biomolecule, which makes high-tannic wines — especially reds — a poor choice for pairing. Always go crisp and zippy, and avoid dry wines.

Indian flavors also carry over to cocktails. It’s easy to doctor up a homemade lassi, the Punjab region’s frothy, yogurt-based drink. Bon Appetit has a recipe for a frozen rum-mango lassi that’s as simple as making a margarita. Just combine 1 ÂĽ cup fresh or frozen mango slices, ½ cup of gold rum, ÂĽ cups each of fresh lemon juice and honey, 2 tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt, a pinch of kosher salt, and ½ teaspoon of ancho chili powder. Pulse in a blender, add 4 cups of ice, and puree until smooth. I frequently make a slight variation, using peaches instead of mango and adding ½ teaspoons each of almond extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Tamarind, a shrub that produces an acidic, pod-like fruit that’s popular in Indian food, makes a great cocktail base. You might have to work a little to locate tamarind juice (I recommend checking the Asian or Mexican aisle of the grocery store, shopping at an international market, or ordering from Amazon), but filling a highball glass with ice, 1 ½ parts each vodka and tamarind juice, and 3 parts lemon-lime soda couldn’t be easier.

Turmeric, ginger’s brilliantly colored and more pungent cousin, is a key ingredient for making curries. It also amps up a drink. On, I found a delicious cocktail called the Lunar Eclipse. The drink takes 24 hours to prepare, because you must infuse vodka with a stick of chopped turmeric overnight. Once you’ve strained the infusion, combine 2 ounces of vodka with 1 ounce carrot juice, Âľ ounces of both honey and lemon juice, and 2 dashes of Angostura bitters. Shake in an ice-filled shaker, strain into a rocks glass over ice, and garnish with a celery stick.

Don’t have time for that? Try a turmeric gin and ginger. Add 4 ounces gin, ½ teaspoon ground turmeric, and the juice of ½ lime to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into highball glasses filled with ice, then top with an equal amount of ginger beer. Drink, and repeat