7 foods and drinks that aren’t as healthy as you think

Theory of weight management is simple: if you eat more food than you need, you’ll get fatter. Eat less than you need, and you’ll get skinnier. 

Here are seven foods and drinks that aren’t as healthy as you think, and how they stack up compared to their junk food counterpart.

1. Frozen yoghurt vs ice cream

“With frozen yoghurt in shops or at yoghurt bars, it’s often high fat yoghurt which they’ve added a lot of sugar to, so it’s quite comparable to ice cream. It’s not really a healthy option,”

“The other thing is you often add a lot of syrups or even lollies to it, so you’re getting a lot of extra energy in there.”

The next time you feel like a frozen treat, just consider the portion size — or make your own at home.

“With frozen yoghurt and ice cream, have it occasionally and in small portions,”

“You can freeze your own yoghurt at home, you just need to mix it occasionally so you get a smooth consistency. Or you can have yoghurt at home that’s not frozen and add fresh or frozen fruit to give it flavour that way.”

Alternatively, make your own sorbet or banana ‘nice cream’ by blending frozen fruit with a splash of water in a high powered blender or food processor.

There’s a lot of mixed messages out there when it comes to diet, nutrition and food.

2. Gourmet burgers vs regular burgers

To go to a gourmet burger spot, while they do contain more healthy ingredients, the size of these gourmet burgers (as well as the chips that come with them) don’t make these burgers a healthy option, either.

“This one is very popular at the moment in cities across India. The major things with gourmet burgers is they are so much bigger than fast food burgers. Even if they’re adding extra healthy ingredients, often the meat and cheese are double the size, so you’re getting more kilojoules from that,”

“The chips also come in big portion sizes, so you can end up eating the equivalent of two meals in one go.”

Instead of going out for burgers, try making your own burgers at home.

“Depending on what you put in it, burgers can be a really healthy meal and still taste delicious,”

Damn you, tasty burger.

3. Low carb beer vs regular beer

Despite clever marketing, low carb beer contains almost as many kilojoules as regular beer, so it won’t help you lose weight.

“With beer and all alcoholic drinks, the main source of kilojoules is actually the alcohol, not the carbohydrates. Low carb and normal beer don’t have a huge difference in the total amount of energy,”

“The best way to cut down on energy when it comes to drinking alcohol is to choose a light or mid-strength beer, or switch to wine. With either of those, you still need to watch how much you’re having because if you’re having four drinks, that does add up to a lot.”

4. Veggie chips vs potato chips

Although veggie chips look more colourful, they’re still fried and salted, making little difference nutrition wise.

“There’s not really any difference between them, apart from which vegetable they’re made out of, whether it’s carrots or beetroot or potatoes,”

“They’re all cut thin and fried, so they’re very high in fat and high in salt. Again, count them as something to have occasionally, not a snack you have at work or after work.”

If you feel like chips, try making your own by thinly slicing veggies, sprinkling them with some olive oil, salt and garlic powder, and roasting them at 180°C until golden.

“If you’re doing it yourself, you know what’s in it and then you can control it. As long as they don’t have too much oil, they’re going to be a better option,” . “Nuts are also a lot healthier than chips.”

Season your homemade chips with dried herbs to lower the salt content.

5. Restaurant salad dressings vs store-bought salad dressings

Salads are boring without dressing, but the type of dressing you use can have a big impact on your overall energy intake.

“Salad dressings can add a whole lot of unwanted energy to an otherwise healthy salad. The best way to get around that is to ask for the dressing to be put on the side, so then you can decide how much you want to put on,”

“In terms of other options, something that is made out of vinegar or a small amount of olive oil is a lot better for you than the creamy dressings. Veeba is still a better option than others ”

6. Cold pressed juice vs regular juice

“This type of juice is processed without heat, and people who are advocates for it say it preserves the vitamins,”

“My take on that is juice, generally, is not as good an option as fruit. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s cold pressed or not. Either way, you’re much better off to eat a piece of fruit and have a glass of water.

“When you’re cold pressing it, it’s still exposing the inside of the fruit to air, so you’re still going to get some vitamin loss, it’s perhaps just not as much as other types of processing juice.”

Best to stick with the whole fruit instead, folks.

7. Gluten-free biscuits and cakes vs regular treats

Unfortunately, just because a product is gluten free, does not automatically make it healthy.

“Just treat them like any other biscuits. Remember they are not part of a healthy diet and we shouldn’t be having them every day,”

“Often they are actually higher in sugar and fat because they’ve got to replace the taste and texture with something else, so they can be less healthy than some of the other options.

“There is one group of people which gluten-free products are a healthy option for, and that’s anyone with coeliac disease or a diagnosed gluten intolerance. But apart from that, we don’t need to be having gluten-free for the majority of us, and it’s not a healthier option.

“Essentially, just be mindful of the portion sizes. Anything you can make yourself, rather than buying, is going to be better.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 7.13.25 PM



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Kill The Bill

 If you are looking for a new hangout that can accommodate a huge crowd,  KTB is great option , The food and drinks, a selfie attraction and  Great Music complete the trinity that promises an eventful night out experience. With a minimalistic theme, the decor of Kill Bill is earthy, bathed in yellow lighting, with lighting fixtures that make quite a statement with their retro and futuristic look.

Excellent staff and service , the place is very huge and very well made The prices are so attractive and reasonable, the portion size is very good and when you see the presentation of the food is nice . 

Food is A mix of contemporary Indian and Indian fusion dishes, the focus is on bar grub that pairs well with the extensive drinks list that they intend to offer. From the menu, we recommend you try Basil Paneer tikka & Paneer Dimsums Yummy and melt in the mouth .

The mammoth, well-stocked bar offers punches, smoothies, shakes, mocktails, LIITs and house specials. Another pick would be Four cheese Pasta and Nachos chaat . It’s the perfect accompaniment with your beer, this one will leave you asking for seconds.

 For satisfying your Sweet tooth  you can have all time favorite, Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream with a bit of choco syrup, which can be termed as heavenly yet sinful.With great food and superb drinks and at the same are priced very reasonably KTB is a great option . It’s also for those who enjoy keeping it casual and going out for a delightful meal in a fun-filled  environment.

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Yum Yum Cha

Breaking away from the luxe stereotype of a Japanese restaurant, Yum Yum Cha is a casual restaurant located in khan Market ( newly open ) Offers one of the widest selections of sushi  in the city. This extension of the Yum Yum Tree family exudes a playful, happy vibe, and Yum Yum has indeed created yet another eatery that merits repeat visits and a loyal following. We went on a Lunch on there newest outlet in Khan Market We started our meal with refreshing Thai orange and Kafir lime along with pomegranate & ginger !! The lemon grass flavour in Thai orange was an amazing twist in the drink along with that we ordered Spicy asparagus Dimsums and crystal dimsum with mushroom and vegetables !! The clear winner was Spicy asparagus , delicious i would say !! And how can one go without eating sushi from YYC ,

Sushi in the capital city finally started pleasing the diner’s discerning palate.  We had assorted veg sushi rolls , among all My Fav. was the newest addition in the menu Spicy summer with avocado and Mango twist on the top was simple yet satisfying.

We also had Tom Yum Yum so Yummmyyy , One of the most famous of all Thai foods, and what I think is one the best soups in the world . Tom Yum is both hot and sour, and it’s one of the main signature dishes that defines Thai flavor. & We had a perfect experience of it here at YYC.

And here came the time When the sweet tooth comes a-knockin’ , and i could not resist myself to Mochi Ice Cream its a round dessert ball consisting of a soft, pounded sticky rice cake its a Japanese delicacy. Rich & creamy, this mochi ice cream is soft on the outside with an ice cream filled inside. The intense Yellow colour with the invigorating flavor of Coconut and jaggery makes it a perfect indulgence this  summer. A must visit YUm YUm Cha

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8 more reasons to love Rain with Chaayos

 Chai. It’s the one word which keeps almost the entire nation up and about throughout the rainy season! The cute, small cups of this magical beverage always spread happiness around, and more so during the rains. This Monsoon Chaayos has now introduce 8 new dishes in its menu.

These dishes includes Shahi Chai, Baarish Wale Pakore, Loaded open Paratha, Bun samosa, Kadhai chicken sandwich, Kulhad Masala Chicken Kulcha along with Kulhad wali Jalebi. The café is giving Indians exactly what they fantasize: the perfect cup of chai in this rainy weather. FullSizeRender 16

Sitting at their comfortably placed sofas and high chairs, one can sit in a corner reading a book and relish on fresh crispy Pakodas, an assorted platter with Panner, Onion and Mirchi and compliment them with their Shahi chai. Yeah, there’s no limit to the amount of snacks you can have with this lovely beverage. But the chai-pakora combo is everyone favourite in the rainy season. 

After all the earthy chai is always more appealing to the Indian palette than its more glamorous cousin coffee. Despite its mass popularity tea down the ages tea remained in the shadows of coffee. But now that trend is reversing. Leading coffee cafes, both Indian and multinational, were quick to note it and now offer tea options in their menu. That is not all. In all the metros tea cafes are coming up fast offering a great variety of tea like masala, jasmine, Darjeeling and Japanese.

FullSizeRender 7

I sit working on my blog and munch over Hot Samosa in bun with Modinagar Shikanji . Hot Samosa in bun is a complete treat ,  spicy samosa with tangy chutney on buns give a great combination with  Shikanji .FullSizeRender 13

Yes you got it right the all famous Modinagar shikanji you can now enjoy in every outlet of Chaayos along with Kulad wali Jalebi.  It’s perfect for lazy evenings with your friends and some gup-shup, Chaayos is the best option.

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Excuse Me Boss Saket · Bar, Casual Dining

Excuse me boss is spreading its wings around the city ! And there new outlet is the most happening new thing in the town , with wonderful Morden interior , Delicious food , and super high drink it’s not worth being missed .IMG_6455

We started with the drinks, I ordered a very refreshing Watermelon cocktail with watermelon, fresh mint, rum and lime juice, and this is highly recommended. Complementing this beauty, I ordered the Chilly Chicken , Mushroom Caps filled with cheese, Dahi ke kebab , mutton kebab  with Some beer too on the other side . For main course, we tried the Butter Chicken, Dal Makhni and Tandoori Roti. Certainly the Dal Makhni was a clear winner here.FullSizeRender 18

It will make you forget even the best Dal Makhani you’ve ever tasted. Stuffed with the starters and the main course, I had absolutely no room for dessert. But how can one leave without a binge on meetha. So, to fulfill the same I had my all time favorite, Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream with a bit of choco syrup, which can be termed as heavenly yet sinful.With great food and superb drinks and at the same are priced very reasonably. It’s also for those who enjoy keeping it casual and going out for a delightful meal in a funfilled  environment.

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BBQ has finally set foot in town and expanding and reaching every part of Delhi . And people are going gaga over it. I am no exception. Barely able to contain the excitement of biting into unlimited juicy chunky pieces of meat, neatly skewered and beautifully grilled over hissing hot charcoal, I go through the live grill experience on your table. A pleasantly smiling waiter brings in the smoking hot grill of charcoals, gently slides the wooden lid on my table and lowers it into the pit in the centre. Succulent pieces of chicken, or panneer or soya , marinated in fiery red masala and carefully strung across a dozen skewers are promptly arranged on the charcoal grill. You can choose to grill it longer but I cull out the pieces early as I like it that way. There’s a range of sauces and dips to choose from and the classic mayonnaise goes well with anything skewered. It doesn’t take long to pin my favourites. I vote for the soya. It is delicious with the garlic butter adding zing to the taste and flavour while the real soft core melts in the mouth. Surprisingly the chicken are not rubbery, unlike in many other barbeque places .“A variety of complimentary mocktails are also on offer,”The salad counter is an explosion of colours with over 12 kinds of salads, from sprouts, peanuts and sweet corn to dressed coleslaw. The spread for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians look equally impressive with a spicy biryani, two curries and fries, rice and a range of Indian breads. “The menu is an assorted mix every day and we change it weekly. Even the masala compositions differ every week,” says the GM

A must visit BBQ

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Big Wong

An authentic Chinese restaurant in South City, Gurgaon. Big Wong serves authentic Indian Chinese food, specially crafted for Indian taste-buds. The fusion is lip dashingly good and is worth the visit. Consider this place for a wonderful dining experience – ambiance, taste and great service all combined in one

Its an extremely popular Chinese food restaurant in the city. Their Hakka Noodles and Dim Sums are accepted to be one of the best in the business – with the right proportions of spices and veggies. In fact, all their food items are superb with excellent flavours and seasonings.

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Making chai cool again ; Tpot

Making chai cool again is this new cafe that makes you come again and again ; Indians have always loved their tea, whether it’s come from the kitchen at home or a modest tapri by the side of the road. But the recent proliferation of coffee shops have overshadowed our favourite infusion. In this now java-driven world where coffee cups help with deadlines, the classic chai makes a trendy comeback. From a cutting chai at that tea stall to forge bonds with colleagues, to the ‘chai runs’ your office boy makes to your desk, to the adrak-wali variant your mother serves you. Nothing quite beats the whiff of a perfect cup of the hot drink . “Chai is in our DNA. Indians have always consumed tea and will continue to do so,”

At Tpot It’s very affordable compared to coffee shops, and we provide a good ambience and freshly made customised chai , Everything from the dip-tea you drink to the chai walla near offices are our competition. the food menu also revolves around tea. So classic pairings like bun-maska, home-style aloo sandwiches, kadai chicken, poha and cookies are made fresh everyday.” The brand also has an app for delivery and pickup. they have rolled out delivery and use a specially designed disposable kettle that can keep tea hot for around an hour. There are 400 ml kettles that can serve up to four cups . A must have chai this monsoon with Tpot

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Biryani By Kilo

BBK claims to go back to the age of royalty with potfulls Biryanis with fresh ingredients, delivered at your doorstep. We ordered Hyderabadi veg biryani, veg galuati kebab, and ulta tawa paratha. The food was delivered much before their given time. Biryani’s was packed in earthen handis .  Hyderabadi veg Biryani was full of different seasonal vegetable and kadhe masale, which smelled good—was superb with rice cooked exactly how a kachi biryani should… full of flavours and was served with salan which made it more delectable. Though, it was a little spicy.

We rediscovered the real heritage of our nation in love with its food and its timeless royal traditions. It’s time to indulge in an ancient blend of spices fused with culinary art. Place your order and have the amazing experience and sinful food delivered at your doorstep.

BBK, which serves kebabs and Awadhi and Hyderabadi versions of biryanis, receives as many 60 percent of its orders, online !! Don’t wait order Now !!

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